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Intelligent Clouds of Conscious Plasma w/ Scientific Historian Robert Temple

todayJanuary 31, 2023 1

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    Intelligent Clouds of Conscious Plasma w/ Scientific Historian Robert Temple #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my perspicacious clouds of plasma and scintillating strands of DNA!  Welcome to the BNP and thank you for joining! Strap in and spark up friends: this episode is a banger for the ages.

In addition to a most zany audio tidbit, I also share an original poem about poppies, and a soliloquy inspired by a recent meditation, regarding the nature of the human psyche, the delicate elegance of our emotions, how we grow as living beings, and what we can deduce from studying plant life in Nature. 

Then it’s on to the main course. This episode I am thrilled to feature renowned scientific historian and professor Robert Temple, author of the bestselling new book, A New Science of Heaven, which explores how 99% of the universe is composed of plasma, and the unique life-like attributes of plasma that suggest it may have a consciousness which humans are just beginning to understand.

Temple has been following the study of plasma for decades and was personally acquainted with several of the senior scientists – including Nobel laureates – at its forefront, including Paul Dirac, David Bohm, Peter Mitchell and Chandra Wickramasinghe. Temple spent many years as a science writer for the Sunday Times and the Guardian, and as a science reporter for Time-Life, Nature and The New Scientist.

TIME STAMP: Robert Temple Interview Starts at 43:38

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