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Jeremiah ch4 & The Four Horseman

todayMarch 8, 2023

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    Jeremiah ch4 & The Four Horseman #HeliumRadio

@companionchapel1033  Seals Trumps and Vials, also known as The Four Horseman are written of in many places besides the book of Revelation.    The world stage is playing out the four horsemen of the apocalypse right before our eyes today. From the plague of corporate greed and the war of political influence, to the famine of truth aka psychological warfare and the death of innocence, the snakes in suits in control of the world’s resources are quickly driving us toward the 6th Seal Trump & Vial.  Follow Companion Chapel for more on YouTube and to learn God’s instructions on our way out.   No horses or monsters are coming out of the sky with mythical characters riding them with bows & arrows, swords and flame throwers. These artists portrayals and pseudo Christian Hollywood depictions are blasphemy.  Here is the Truth about what the Bible really says straight from the original language Manuscripts, translated through the lexicons, applying Biblical usage and out from any English version Bible you have like you have never heard before.   There are 800 million videos on YouTube & 37 million channels. It is nothing short of a miracle that you have found this video. Please help support this channel.  Please ‘ Like’ ‘Subscribe’, hit the ‘Noti bell’ & comment below . It’s the least you can do to help glorify, magnify and broadcast God’s saving Word. (It helps with the algorithms)   Contact  Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry Today (a registered non-profit ministry)  Hundreds of Bible teaching podcasts available, simply google Companion Chapel podcast.  Email Today       Enquire about your spot in the Companion Chapel Homesteading Community  Please help me keep bringing these podcasts to you. Donate whatever you can at (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, PayPal)   Or E-transfer to     Please consider I do this full time for You.  Please send Walmart, Rona, Home Depot gift cards to  #338 Sideroad 28/29 Paisley Ontario Canada N0G 2N0 Thank You so much and God bless you! — Send in a voice message:

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