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Manu Raju Is Discussing Inside Politics

todayNovember 9, 2023 5

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    Manu Raju Is Discussing Inside Politics #HeliumRadio

Manu Raju is a Chief Congressional Correspondent for CNN and an anchor of Inside Politics Sunday. He has covered Capitol Hill for over seven years with Politico before taking on his current role at CNN. With a career spanning from Congressional Quarterly to inside Washington publishers, he’s a familiar face to anyone following political news.Award-winning and always at the heart of the action, Manu’s work is driven by a passion for uncovering the stories that matter. His on-the-ground reporting during the January 6 Capitol attack was so impactful, that it awarded him the David Blum Award. I learned so much from listening to him recount the events and provide his perspective on what it takes to develop a story of that magnitude. Manu has a truly awe-inspiring career and his journey is a testament to the evolving landscape of South Asian representation in media. Manu discusses the challenges and nuances of reporting complex political stories, offers insights into the news-making process, and shares his experiences as a South Asian journalist navigating a pivotal era in American politics. It was a fascinating conversation exploring the intersection of South Asian identity, journalistic integrity, and the relentless pursuit of truth in an era of divided media.  We talked about: 

  • Manu’s role behind the scenes + developing a story as a CNN correspondent (2:38)
  • How the news cycle has shifted + evolved over the last decade (8:20)
  • Manu’s coverage of January 6 at the Capital + discussing the news with his kids (13:43)
  • The fragmented perception of media outlets + the importance of unbiased fact-based news reporting (17:36)
  • Navigating stereotypes and South Asian representation in media (22:41)
  • Manu’s powerhouse of a family lineup and his experience growing up Brown in the Midwest (26:36)
  • Rapid Fire Questions (36:09)

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