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Mariam Alayande: Only If You Look in the Mirror

todayFebruary 12, 2024 6

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    Mariam Alayande: Only If You Look in the Mirror #HeliumRadio

In this episode, Mariam, a writer, poet, and doctor, discusses her book ‘Only If You Look in the Mirror’ with the host. The conversation covers various themes, including the inspiration behind the book, the impact of the poetic tale, the importance of forgiveness and journaling, dealing with infatuation, performing a reality check, embracing God, and finding a reason to live. Mariam shares her personal experiences and insights, offering encouragement to those going through tough times. The conversation highlights the relatability and depth of the book, emphasizing the power of self-reflection and the support of friends and the Holy Spirit.
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00:00 Introduction 01:04 Inspiration behind the book 02:22 Writing the book over seven years 03:21 The impact of the poetic tale 04:14 Reassurance and relatability 05:17 Chapter 1: Blooming 07:07 Finding happiness and wholeness 08:44 The depth of the book 09:11 The reality of life 09:41 Chapter 5: Forgiveness 11:04 The gift of writing 12:16 Writing about loss 13:08 The importance of expressing emotions 13:37 Chapter 7: Finding the truth 14:25 The struggle with journaling 17:05 Consistency in journaling 19:49 Benefits of journaling 22:46 Dealing with infatuation 23:30 Chapter 10: Reality check 25:04 Recognizing toxicity 25:31 Performing a reality check 26:45 Seeking guidance from friends and the Holy Spirit 28:08 The importance of true friends 29:46 Embracing God 30:47 The influence of embracing God 32:59 Finding a reason to live 36:27 Encouragement for those going through tough times 39:52 How to reach out to the author 41:16 Takeaways

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