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Paying the Price: How to Take Control of Your Cash Flow

todayJune 28, 2022 4

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One of my mentors, John Addison said: “if it’s easy, it’s sleazy.” He was on to something, because I see it all the time now that I’m out of the network marketing industry. People try to sell me on get-rich-quick schemes, but I know better. I know that there’s always a price to pay for everything in life. Take inflation, for example. It’s running rampant and it doesn’t seem like there’s any end in sight. My brother John, who’s a 9th grade science teacher, always tells his students that part of the reason he teaches them science is so that they can critically think and avoid being taken advantage of as adults. And he’s right and it helps if you’re financially illiterate.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. The importance of financial literacy and education
2. The role that debt can play in achieving financial goals
3. The reality of inflation and its causes
4. Practical steps to address inflation on a personal level
5. Info on the Plan Your Overseas Beta Test Workshop on July 23, 2002, register here.

The Richest  Man in Babylon book

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