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Proving Einstein Right: Uncovering Frequencies’ Potential with David Wong

todayNovember 28, 2023 3

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    Proving Einstein Right: Uncovering Frequencies' Potential with David Wong #HeliumRadio

What if your biggest hurdle, a mental or physical health issue, is your biggest passion in disguise? 
In this episode, I dare you to resist falling down the frequency-healing rabbit hole by the hand of David Wong. David is a Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Martial Artist, #1 Best-selling Author, and Inventor of Qi Coil™. He self-healed an “incurable” chronic digestive disease that haunted him for over ten years, using only frequency and energy devices. Since that day, his empathy toward others suffering from similar conditions made it impossible for him to ignore the urge to help others and share his discoveries with the rest of the world. 
Throughout this episode, David shares his incredible life story, from his accident when he was ten years old and his miraculous healing to the moment he heard a voice telling him the solution he was looking for was to meditate more. He also explains everything about his Qi Coil system, the science behind frequency healing, and how frequencies affect our bodies. 
Additionally, we talk about frequencies, ADHD, and autism, yin and yang energy, David shares tips and advice to protect ourselves from EMF, and so much more. 
Tune in to Episode 189 of Uncover Your Magic and let yourself be carried away by David’s healing frequencies.
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About David’s upbringing and miraculous recovery from his accident (12:20)
  • The moment David heard the voice that told him to meditate to find the answer he was looking for (18:00)
  • Proving Einstein right (22:30)
  • About frequencies autism and ADHD (37:00)
  • Frequencies and yin and yang energy (43:50)
  • Three ways of protecting ourselves from EMF (1:00:00)

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