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Rainbow Flag Smart Bombs, U.S. Imperial Hypocrisy & The Incan Ruins of Ingapirca (w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger, PhD)

todayJune 14, 2022 7

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    Rainbow Flag Smart Bombs, U.S. Imperial Hypocrisy & The Incan Ruins of Ingapirca (w/ Dr. Sylvie Salinger, PhD) #HeliumRadio

What’s up to my bohemian barn swallows (one of Nancy Reagan’s lesser known nicknames) and punctilious puss moths! (It’s a moth named after a cat! I’m in love.)

Welcome back to the BNP everyone and thank you for joining! To my patrons: you all are the prisms in my suncatcher and the tread of my bike tires – you are appreciated. I’d be slippin’ all over the damn road without you.

This episode is a fun one folks! We have extra tasty zany audio tidbits for your listening pleasure this week. You better like them because they took me forever. Topics include: the oft-overlooked Ecuadorian Incan ruin of Ingapirca, which features incredibly precise stone work without the use of mortar, and a spectacular Sun Temple overlooking the surrounding country. Ingapirca is a unique fusion of two ancient cultures- the Inca and the Cañari.

Prior to Inca and Spanish conquest of the southern provinces of Ecuador, the most dominant Indigenous group in the region were the Cañari. The Cañari put up such strong resistance against Incan conquest in the 15th and early 16th centuries, they earned the respect of their adversaries, and Ingapirca is thus a duel temple in honor of both the Incan Sun God and the Cañari Moon God.

Also featured this ep is a segment from a recent Yak Fest with Dr. Sylvie Salinger, where we talk about the price of diesel being off the chain despite the fact that the U.S. manufactures its own diesel. So you can’t blame that on Putin. Almost like the ruling class is intentionally squeezing us. We also discuss how the U.S. is training ethno-nationalist white supremacists abroad while claiming to fight white supremacism at home.

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