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Rochelle Pinto. Taking Vogue India into a New Era

todayMarch 21, 2024 1

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    Rochelle Pinto. Taking Vogue India into a New Era #HeliumRadio

Rochelle Pinto is the head of editorial content for Vogue India. She has had quite a career and is exactly how you think a Vogue head would be. Poised, intelligent, well-spoken, beautiful, and, on top of it,  she’s down to earth. And if you were wondering, she does get advice from Anna Wintour. In our conversation today, Rochelle shares her insights into what is currently happening in Indian fashion, content, beauty,  and all things Vogue. She speaks frankly about the challenges of representing India in all its diversity and richness. Finally, she describes growing up in Goa free of gender stereotypes, and how her parents keep her grounded.What we talked about:

  • Walking The Vogue Tightrope: Rochelle talks about the need to balance a younger audience without alienating Vogue’s original supports + appealing India’s growing market outside of Delhi + the ever-changing role of editor-in-chief and having to deal with twitter wars (2:38)
  • The Vogue Sisterhood:  Rochelle talks all about learning every day from the legendary Anna Wintour and getting to see her work up close + She expresses her gratitude for the support and advice of her predecessors Megha Kapoor and Priya Tanna (8:56)
  • Tapping into the Indian Zeitgeist:  How the boom in the fashion scene and demand for Indian luxury goods in even small towns reflects the growing pride in Indian identity + discovering pride marches in small Indian towns +  Indian artists not needing validation from America (22:06)
  • Current Projects: Balancing 64 projects across multiple time zones + the booming beauty industry in India + celebrating the third year of Forces of Fashion (23:46)
  • Rochelle’s Learning Curve: Being the youngest columnist in Hindustan Times and what she wouldn’t get away with on today’s social media  + Co-authoring Kareena Kapoor Khan’s first book + Adapting to the age of cancel culture and the perspective from her mother “You’re not that important.” 
  • Working with Twinkle Khanna:  Rochelle shares her experience as founding editor of Tweak, and how Twinkle taught her to stand by her convictions (34:05)
  • Growing Up in Goa:  Rochelle celebrates learning to change tires as well as diapers + the inspiration she draws from her parents (37:56)
  • Keeping a Shanti Over You: How staying with her parents and sleeping in her old bed  keeps Rochelle’s perspective + not letting your identity be defined by your job (45:17) 
  • Rapid Fire Round:  (48:20)
  • Rochelle’s Bucket List:  (49:36)

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