S2E5: Entrepreneur Gone Wild! – Interview with Lee Krywko (Audio)

Dream to Rise Podcast
Dream to Rise Podcast
S2E5: Entrepreneur Gone Wild! - Interview with Lee Krywko (Audio)

When you have gone through so much in life, what do you focus
on, especially when you start at a very young age?  I am sure, it is so hard for you to cope up
with all the things happening around you. 
You don’t know where to position yourself.  If you don’t have the support that you need,
you just give up.

I want you to listen to our guest speaker, Lee Krywko.  He is a person whom I admire so much with
such a big heart.  He has gone through so
much in life at a very young age.

Lee was born in 1971.  He actively explored drugs and alcohol since he was 10 years old.  He studied addictions since 1986.  He discovered a personal transformation in 1997 and eventually life hit hard in 2019 with the loss of his oldest son.

However, that didn’t stop him from finding his purpose and
made a big transformation which made him go beyond the addiction has 10 times
more success.

He is currently the Founder and CEO of two companies: 

1. Bill’s Best Pancakes, Healthy Gourmet Pancake Mix that tastes great.            
2. Avalanche Recovery Center in Calgary, Alberta known as the ARC. He is a Professional Interventionist and Holistic Recovery Coach focusing on the solutions and going beyond the addiction.

I am truly excited to share with you his life’s journey, how he hit his rock bottom, was saved and now became wild as an entrepreneur.  Why and how did he do it? What is it that keeps him wild?  Please make sure you listen from beginning till end as you will discover how this wild
entrepreneur is making so much impact on other’s lives.  Amazing!

Let us listen to our guest, Lee Krywko.

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