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Scalar Light. Learning About the Energy of God with Tom Paladino

todayFebruary 27, 2024

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    Scalar Light. Learning About the Energy of God with Tom Paladino #HeliumRadio

“Great technology must coincide with great morality; when you have that, you can change the world.”
In this episode, the extraordinary Tom Paladino opens the door to infinite possibilities in the healing, mind-body-spirit harmony, and self-development realm. We learn about Scalar Energy, an endless source of energy Tom has dedicated his life to studying, and in which he based to create Scalar Light, a technology capable of using the power of the sun and stars to heal, enhance the removal of harmful cell substances, improve energy and clarity, and help people reach complete mind-body-spirit harmony.  
Tom’s admiration for the father of Scalar Light research, Nikola Tesla, and a fortuitous encounter with another Scalar Light expert, Galen Hieronymus, defined Tom’s fate and provided him with a clear purpose: bringing Scalar Light healing to the world.
Throughout this episode, you’ll learn about Scalar Energy’s massive potential, Hieronymus’ Scalar Light instrument Tom perfected and uses in his lab, and some of the incredible results Tom had with it. You’ll also hear Tom’s thoughts on the change this technology will produce in the world and the future of Quantum Healing.
Additionally, Tom talks about Scalar Energy and the non-physical realm, Scalar Light and wellness, and much more.
Tune in to Episode 202 of Uncover Your Magic and get your mind, body, and soul ready to enter the era of Quantum Healing. 
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Tom’s admiration and passion for Nikola Tesla’s work (12:00)
  • Tom talks about the instrument Hieronymus created, and he modified and perfected (19:10)
  • How does Quantum Healing work (22:00)
  • Scalar Energy is a manifestation of God’s presence (31:40)
  • Why people are starting to look for solutions “outside of the box” (39:50)
  • Tom’s impeccable reading of Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man (52:40)

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