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Sessions With Sarah Season 4 Episode 5 featuring Michelle Yeh

todayApril 2, 2024 7 5

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    Sessions With Sarah Season 4 Episode 5 featuring Michelle Yeh #HeliumRadio

Join Dr. Sarah Russo on “Sessions with Sarah” as she delves into the evolving landscape of the beauty industry with guest Michelle Yeh from Hygiene Hero. In a world where health and beauty intersect more than ever, this episode shines a light on the crucial need for natural, skin-nourishing products that cater to the masses and specifically address the overlooked needs of women over 40.

Michelle, with her rich background in the beauty sectors of both the US and China, shares her insights into the pressing issues that plague conventional skincare—chief among them, the harmful effects of chemical-laden products and the industry’s dire need for sustainable practices.

Together, they explore the journey of creating a natural deodorant, underscoring the hurdles in developing products that are effective and kind to our bodies and the environment. The conversation is a testament to the power of nature in enhancing women’s well-being and pleasure, advocating for a shift towards more responsible consumption and production of beauty.

Dr. Russo and Michelle emphasize the importance of leveraging nature’s bounty to reduce plastic waste and promote a healthier, more sustainable future for the beauty industry. Tune in to this enlightening dialogue that highlights current beauty trends and concerns and offers a hopeful perspective on moving forward.

00:13 – From Mary Kay to Milo House 
08:48 – Revolutionizing Female Pleasure Products 
14:28 – Creating Skincare Innovations for Women 
23:00 – Embracing Natural Solutions in Skincare 

Sessions With Sarah

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