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Social Media Business Hour | Episode 103 featuring Lauren Gaggioli

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    Social Media Business Hour | Episode 103 featuring Lauren Gaggioli Nile Nickel & Jordan Salamone

Social Media Business Hour Episode 111 featuring Lauren Gaggioli


After graduating from New York University with her B.F.A. in Theater, Lauren moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. To make time for auditions during the day, she called upon her academic roots from her high school days and began tutoring the SAT and ACT. She quickly fell in love – not with the exams, but with the feeling that she was helping students put their feet on a firm path towards a big, bright future.

(Ok, maybe she fell a little bit in love with the exams too. Her dad didn’t nickname her #2 Pencil Nerd for nothing.)

After 7 years working as an in-home tutor with a large test prep firm and then in her own independent tutoring company, Lauren distilled her experiences into the personalized SAT and ACT prep courses that are now available through Higher Scores Test Prep. Lauren’s love of teaching and compassion for what students are facing in today’s complex, competitive college admissions landscape allows her to bring a little bit of calm to her corner of the college admissions process.


Lauren is also the host of The College Checklist podcast. On the podcast, she interviews college counselors and other college admissions professionals, bringing timely, relevant information to today’s college bound families. You can subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.


Social Media Business Hour

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