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Social Media Business Hour | Episode 111 featuring Ty Cohen

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    Social Media Business Hour | Episode 111 featuring Ty Cohen Nile Nickel & Jordan Salamone



Ty Cohen is an accomplished publishing expert, internet marketer, personal development coach, mentor, internationally known speaker, former morning talk show radio personality (WCLY1150 Raleigh, NC) and author who over a decade ago, took a major gamble with his life financially by quitting his corporate job and starting a business of his own.

That business soon became both an offline and online successfully generating millions of dollars in sales and totally transforming Ty’s life as well as the lives’ of countless others in just a few short years. Over the last 11 years, Ty has taught tens of thousands of individuals how to successfully market, promote & sell their books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform using the very same system that allows him to generate upwards of $50, 000.00 a month with KDP publishing.

You’ll learn his simple formula for turning life’s obstacles into life’s financial opportunities that will enable you to effectively reach your personal and/or business goals. Using a unique combination of tested and proven methods and resources, Ty’s goal is to educate and empower individuals just like you with the tools needed to operate a successful business both on and offline.

After creating millions of dollars in sales and successfully working with thousands of clients across the globe, Ty decided to take his expertise global and has created or consulted with thousands of individuals and businesses around the world helping them to find that missing piece that would allow them to create lasting success in both business and life.


“Either you accept the fate that was handed to you or you make an unwavering decision to create the one you want.”
Ty Cohen

How did Ty Turned His Major Life Obstacles Into An EBook Empire of Greatest Success

Ty is an accomplished publishing expert, an internet marketer, a personal development coach, a mentor, an internationally known speaker, a former morning talk show radio personality and an author who took a major financial gamble by quitting his corporate job to take a huge step by starting his own EBook business.  You might say that “success” is his last name. However, you’re wrong. Like most of us, he did not start out as a success right away. It is actually the opposite. He was born in one of the nation’s most crime ridden towns, where gang wars and drug related crimes exited daily.

Ty was also born with a rare, chronic life threatening blood disease called Sickle Cell Anemia. His Doctors even gave a prediction of a life expectancy of only 17 years. At his early age, death was already a reality for him.

However, his mindset is different, he took these obstacles as his life motivation to change his destiny. And, he did not fail. Ty soon learned that life is what you make it, “Either you accept the fate that was handed to you or you make an unwavering decision to create the one you want.”

4 Incredible Facts To Create A Passive Income Stream With An eBook Business

Ty became very successful by having a passive income stream, through his E-Book Business. However, during the time that he was just starting, he actually attended different types of marketing and business seminars, which in the end, just gave him all the same information.

He found that either the main focus of these seminars were just to sell their products or the presenters were just good at speaking but didn’t really know what they were talking about.

These meetings led him to his ultimate and unselfish goal, and that is to help people who have the same mindset as him to become successful by giving them genuinely helpful information that they can use.

Ty’s 4 Essential Steps To Create eBook Success

Ty wants you to experience the same success that he has experienced, and you can start by following his essential Top 4 Success Tips;

  • Research – If you want to become successful, you have to spend time to study the business. Research and find out what people really want, what is selling and what is not. If you want to use the Amazon platform, it is very important for you to check the Sales Rankings all the time, Sales Rankings should be the foundation of your decision.
  • Create the actual E-Book – Once you’re done with your research, it is time to create your e-book. On this interview, he gives a few great tips on writing an e-book;
      1. An E-Book Doesn’t have to be long. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Spend more time with your headlines. If you have a great headline, make sure the content of your e-book matches the headline.

    A reminder from Ty: Amazon normally reviews all e-book published on their site. They will check if the cover, title and the headlines of your ebook matches the main article. If not, your sales ranking will greatly suffer.

      1. Don’t spend too much. Create a checklist and have a plan. Ty’s strategy; if your ebook sells minimum of 10 copies, then selling 1000 copies is easy to achieve. However, if it sells less than 10, then leave it as is, but don’t invest anymore it advertising it.
      2. Outsource. Hire an e-book/ghost writer, graphics designer, etc. to take care of your ebook cover or the contents of your entire ebook.
      3. Publish your Ebook to Amazon. Amazon’s goal is to become the biggest online bookstore, so having your book published on it, is the first major step you need to take (after completing your ebook).
      4. Monitor your sales. Monitoring your sales is important because business is all about sales. As a business owner you should be aware of your strategies and if they are working, whether your sales are increasing or decreasing.

    If you stay on top of those really important points, you’ll have available solutions and more options that otherwise you would not know.  Pay close attention and you will have the chance to have an early response to any sales problems that may come along.

    What Is The Amazon Sales Rank Guide?

    Every product on Amazon that has ever been purchased includes a sales rank on its product page. Now you, who wants to sell your EBook on Amazon will ask, What is sales ranking? The sales rank is a number with 1 to 8 digits. And below are the guidelines (from Amazon.Com):

    • The better a product sells at Amazon, the lower the sales rank number. The best selling product in a category has a sales rank of 1.
    • The worse a product sells at Amazon, the higher the sales rank number. If a product hasn’t sold for several days, its sales rank will likely be in the millions.
    • If a product has never sold on Amazon, it won’t have a sales rank.
    • Different editions of a product (like hardcover, paperback, and Kindle books) each have different sales ranks.
    • Every product page has its own sales rank.
    • Sales ranks are different in various categories. For example, books, Kindle e-books, software, and office products each have different sales ranks.
    • Books have overall ranks and also specific ranks within subcategories. Ranking #1 in books overall is much, much better than ranking #1 in a specific subcategory.

    Authors, publishers, marketplace sellers, and many other people and businesses use sales rank data to help judge how well their products are selling. They also study sales ranks to help predict how well a product may sell and to help decide whether or not to sell a particular product on Amazon.
    Know more about Amazon Sales Ranking by clicking here.

    Ty Shares His Top 4 Proven Strategies In Promoting His E-Book. How Many Are YouNot Practicing?

    Turning an Ebook business to an empire is not easy. However, Ty mentioned that it is not all about hard work. Business success is about having a rock-solid strategy, a strategy that will generate continuous income and year-round profits.

    Read below for Ty’s Top 4 proven success strategies.

    1. Don’t spend a lot of time and money unless it is going to sell. This is one of his essential tips now turned into a strategy. Ty seriously advises to never throw away your money and don’t invest unless you are confident that your E-Book will sell.  A lot of entrepreneurs jump in immediately to all the steps of promotion, without testing first if the product is selling or will sell.
    2. Translate your ebook to different languages. Now that you’re sure that your ebook will sell. Consider now investing toward translating your ebook into another language (most common is Spanish). This will not just expand your market reach but will also increase your sales.
    3. Create a audio book. Creating an audio book is another way to reach other markets. There’s a lot of people who are not fond of reading an ebook or don’t have time to read, they are always on the go and would like to read a book by listening to one.
    4. Create a physical book. Like Ty’s wife who is not an avid fan of Kindle, or ebooks — she loves reading physical books. These are traditional readers or sometimes called “digital natives”, who love how a book smells, they like scribbling in the margins, underlining interesting sentences and folding a page corner to mark a place. If you don’t have a physical book then you’ll instantly lose this market.


    An Irresistible Offer That You Have To Grab —Now!

    Ty has a program called Kindle Cash Flow in which he will share with you his entire system. This means, he is going to share everything. His promise, whether you’re someone who’s totally new to this business, like the way he started or maybe you’re someone who may have a few kindle e-books and they’re not just selling the way you anticipated —

    If you are someone who has always wanted to create serious, passive income from your very own eBook, then this is the program for you.

    Ty’s program will tell you everything that he learned and studied about this business.  With his program, he will show you how he earned more than $10k per month!

    Ty’s program is an awesome place for total beginners, where you can get answers to all of your questions and even get regular updates for the latest in trends and strategies.

    For anyone who’s listens to the Social Media Business Hour, Ty will give you 50% off the original retail price.

    So what are you waiting for, Grab Ty’s Offer NOW!


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