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Social Media Business Hour | Episode 114 featuring Ellory Wells

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    Social Media Business Hour | Episode 114 featuring Ellory Wells Nile Nickel & Jordan Salamone

Ellory Wells - social media business hour


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Ellory is a personal business coach who specializes in effective and efficient ways to new get entrepreneurs off the ground. He is the Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of How to Start Your Professional Podcast for $200 or Less.

He has over 15 years of sales experience, and before starting his own business; he spent 4 years as the top sales person in one of the largest IT companies in the world. Ellory shares his knowledge and expertise with the readers on his blog and listeners to his podcast. Please connect with Ellory on Facebook and Twitter.

“Be less concerned with what you know or doing something in a new and unique way and be more concerned with how you can put more of your personality and your uniqueness into what it is that you’re doing.
Those are the things, the things that make Nile, Jordan, and Ellory their own unique individual” – Ellory Wells

Ellory’s Rise From A Life Of Scarcity To A Life Of Abundance

Ellory’s success is not a magic. His life of not having it all and his passion to become successful was his motivation to get him to right where he is today.

In 2009, Ellory was a great employee.  A hard worker who everyone liked.

Then, his life took a big change when he was laid off from his job.  Then again, working hard, doing all the right things, after 5 years he was let go from another employer.

When this kind of thing happens to most people, being laid off back-to-back is devastating.  It’s not a great feeling.  Ellory, rose up against these road blocks and took time out to reflect significance of his situation.  He set out to find a better quality of life and committed to himself that he would set his sights on objectives that would give him the life that we all wish we could have.  Being laid off from his job gave him the chance to learn more about himself and what he needs to do with his life. During this time, Ellory realized he needed to build his own business and write a book about his expertise and vast experience.

Ellory admires innovation and gadgets, which is the reason he put in four years working at one of the biggest IT organization on the planet. In that position, he was exposed to a wide range of individuals at all levels of the corporate world. That same opportunity brought him and his wife together.

The greater part of his experiences and running his own business helped him in discovering how working for another person is pretty much as hazardous as working for yourself. He likewise ended up working for an adversary that had turned into his manager.

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Every lesson he had learned throughout the process along the way, are the reasons why he is so enthusiastic about what his doing now. His objective is to offer you some assistance in living the life you have always wanted.

How To Start Your Own Podcast Business For 200 Dollars Or Less

“Don’t let technology get in the way of your message and don’t let it stop you from sharing your art with the world”. Ellory Wells


Beginning a podcast as the expert in your field, can cost anywhere in the range of $1500 to $4000 or more. From a nuts and bolts point of view, you can’t record a podcast without the required gear. Principally, you’ll need to have Microphones and Mixers that costs money, you’ll likewise feel obliged to purchase audio editing software, and different things that you don’t even know you’ll need yet. Then again, will you let getting just the right kind of equipment and software hinder your message?  Will you allow it to prevent you from telling your story to the world? Ellory’s answer, “It doesn’t have to be that way”.

Ellory mentioned that investing in high-quality podcast equipment is great. However, if you can’t afford it then there are a lot of ways to make your podcast happen without the big bucks most people spend.

Ellory’s Secret To His Success

During the time that Ellory was just starting his podcast, like many people, he couldn’t afford to buy high-end quality podcast equipment. What he did instead, was devote some of his time to research and gathering information. By the way, as a stroke of pure genius, all of the information Ellory gathered, he condensed and share with everyone who followed him.  Take note, that is a VERY smart way to connect with people who you may target later as your prospects.

Because of his research, he was able to find a local guitar center who sells a $35 microphone, instead of the $200 most people pay for a high quality microphone for their podcast.

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Ellory’s Top Picks For Inexpensive Microphones For Your Podcast

Tools Of The Trade Don’t Have To Be Expensive, Just Ask Ellory.  Keep Reading for His Personal Recommendations For Purchasing Inexpensive Microphones.

Any microphone will work for recording your podcast, but listeners can usually tell the difference between low and high-quality microphones. If you’re not sure what to look for, Ellory mentioned the following microphones in this insightful interview.

XLR Microphone
  • It is a round, three-pin connector type of microphone that looks like a regular plug.
  • Can either use an XLR-to-USB converter to connect it directly to your computer
  • Retail price starts with $35
  • Cables not included. Price range: $10-20
ATR Microphone
  • It offers both USB and XLR outputs. So you can use the USB connector when recording to your PC, or switch to the XLR connector for traditional studio or stage work.
  • Price can be as low as $99
Blue Yeti/Yeti Pro
  • The basic Yeti retail price starts around $100
  • Go for this microphone if you like Blue Microphones and want higher quality audio. The Yeti is a condenser mic with its own built-in volume control and multiple pickup which makes this microphone a flexible option for use in a variety of applications.

Why You Should Start A Podcast

Ellory provides some great reasons for why you should seriously consider starting a podcast. This is of course, bearing in mind that the goal of having a Podcast for your business is to make a connection with your prospects and customers.

  1. When people are able to hear and listen to you, they become more engaged.
  2. Podcasting gives your audience the ability to hear your emotion, your stress and excitement in your voice. This is something that words on a page just simply can’t do.
  3. Your listeners can consume content in a different ways including on their own schedule.
  4. Listening brings more excitement and real action to your audience. It’s an experience that reading can’t replace or duplicate.
  5. You can actually create private time with your listeners. Most of the time podcasts are consumed, it’s on a portable player like their mobile phone or something else your audience can carry around with them. They can listen to it when they’re working out, driving to and from work or just taking a walk around the neighborhood.

Whatever it may be, you can share some pretty intimate time with your listeners.


2 Simple Ways To Share Your Podcast With Your Target Audience

During this interview, Ellory mentions a number of ways to share a podcast.

The great news is, anyone can do it and most of them are FREE.

  1. Social Media Platforms

    Social Media can play a huge part in releasing, sharing and promoting your podcast. Sending tweets out with quotes from a show or the subject line of the show is a great way to get people hooked on your message.

Sharing a headline about what people will learn with a link is a great way to direct people from platforms like Twitter to your site. You can do this with other social media platforms, like Facebook.  Depending on the  social media platform, you can be more generous in terms of offering show content (like Facebook).

  1. Embed

    You can now embed the direct play link on your Facebook or on other social media sites. If you’re using an application like Libsyn or Sound Cloud, you can give the direct playable link to your audience. Think about it, when people are scrolling through a news feed they can just click on your “play” link and listen to your podcast without going anywhere else.  This kind of convenience is key to driving listeners to your content.

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