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Social Media Business Hour | Episode 129 featuring Dave Rogenmoser

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    Social Media Business Hour | Episode 129 featuring Dave Rogenmoser Nile Nickel & Jordan Salamone

1.smbh-Dave Rogenmoser

Dave is the sought after author of Beyond the Grind and co-founder of multiple online businesses. He is most loved for his authentic connection with audiences, and fresh take on the intersection of purpose and making lots of cash. His entrepreneurial leap is riddled with stories of failure, which makes his stories of growth and success that much more enjoyable.

He’s passionate about equipping aspiring entrepreneurs to do meaningful work and live fulfilling lives, and believes entrepreneurship is the path which enables people to become the best version of themselves.

Being An Entrepreneur Brings Out The Best In Us

Not everyone should be an entrepreneur, but for those who choose that life, it is a very refining experience. It really takes something to dig down deep and confront the negative aspects of your character. Through his years of experience, Dave has noticed that most successful entrepreneurs have worked at refining their character, to live life as the best version of themselves.
Merging business and life: How to earn over 209k credit card points in 45 days or less
“Travel Hacking”

One way to perform this amazing travel hack, is to follow Dave’s lead.
He first, found three or four credit cards that had credit card point “Sign Up” bonuses.
These bonuses included providing credit card points to the cardholder. In this case, it was Dave. The other requirement, was to make sure each credit card had an additional bonus after so much money was spent using the credit card. He noticed that they had a 50k point bonus after he spent a certain amount of money.

Manufactured spending

A travel hacking term, meaning to make it look like you’re spending money using the credit cards, while actually just moving money around.

In this example, Dave first purchased three thousand dollars worth of gift cards. The gift cards were Visa gift cards and could be used for anything.

He then took those Visa gift cards to Walmart and applied it to the Walmart “Blue Bird” account (which is essentially, a bank account from Walmart).

Dave then, used his Walmart bank account to pay off the outstanding balances on the credit cards he used to make the original gift card purchases (before the credit card bill was due).

This exercise got him credit card points from each of the cards and he actually achieved the bonuses from each of the credit cards.

This little exercise bought Dave the trip of a lifetime. He was able to go on vacation from the points he accumulated.
The price of the airline ticket along, would have been over four thousand dollars.

“Beyond The Grind”

To help other entrepreneurs who are going through the same thing that Dave was going through.
Writing late at night, Dave knew that his book would help entrepreneurs.

“Those who have a thought and are willing to get out of bed in the middle of the night to make a note or take action on it are the people who are positioning themselves to succeed and differentiate themselves from everyone else.”

Taking action on your thoughts and ideas separates you from everyone else who might come up with an idea and never do anything about it.

You Can Become An “Expert” Before Your First Client

Expert positioning is so important. The term “Expert” is up for grabs to anyone who is willing to take it. If you feel like you know more about a subject or interest than other people, you absolutely have to start positioning yourself in a way that tells people why they should listen to you.

Maybe you need to learn more, perhaps there are some skills you need to hone – but working on those things while you call yourself an expert gets you business.

Use LinkedIn As Your Very Own Sales Page

First, recognize that your LinkedIn profile is NOT a place to put your resume.
Instead, set it up as a sales page for yourself. This includes choosing an niche and writing content on your LinkedIn profile specifically for that niche.

Then, you can use an application called “Autopilot for LinkedIn”, a Chrome browser plugin. Once you’ve determined the keywords for your audience, this application will automatically view the LinkedIn profiles of people who have those keywords in their profile.

You can actually view up to six hundred to eight hundred profiles in a day. Be warned, this is against LinkedIn’s terms of service and if they catch you, they may shut your account down. It’s recommended that you set the application to view less than that.

Try a number of views that is less than three hundred and make sure to choose a random number of views every day. Both of these precautions will help keep you under the radar and out of LinkedIn’s crosshairs. There are no guarantees that you won’t get shut down, but by implementing those precautions, you will be safer than if you view too many profiles in a 24 hour period and always use the same number.

This strategy is built around the psychological tendency for people who see that you’ve viewed their profile, they’re likely to view your profile in return. Once they do, you have the option to pick up the phone and call them or even produce a report (housed on your LinkedIn profile) and direct them to your website where you can sell them on using your service or buying your product.

How To Use Kickstarter To Launch A Best Selling Book Before It’s Even Written

How to raise thousands of dollars to fund any dream you have
With NO money, No List to advertise to and other people in the same industry with books on the same subject.
After creating a short video and setting up his Kickstarter account, Dave realized the only people he could ask to purchase his book was friends and family.
Just like many people, Dave felt squeamish about asking his friends and family to buy one of his books on Kickstarter. He quickly came to a realization: Did he want to continue to struggle and face not selling his book MORE than not wanting to ask friends and family to purchase a copy?
Dave’s entrepreneurial drive and determination lead him to make the choice to move forward and not remain stuck. As awkward as it might have been, he pulled the trigger and asked his friends and family to pre-purchase copies of his book on Kickstarter.
Once he did, Dave saw many of his friends and family jump in, only wanting to help him in his success.
After the ball got rolling, he moved to publicize his book on social media.
His success on Kickstarter, showed him that there was a market of people out there who would find his book interest enough to purchase a copy.
It also helped fund the creation of the book, from paying for the design, to the editing of the book.


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