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Social Media Business Hour | Episode 58 featuring Rebecca Livermore

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    Social Media Business Hour | Episode 58 featuring Rebecca Livermore Nile Nickel & Jordan Salamone

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Rebecca’s website is dedicated to teaching small business owners how to use content to market their businesses.
We do this by providing tutorials and info on best practices for different aspects of blogging and other types of content creation.
Knowing that the blogging journey is a marathon, not a sprint and can be hard and discouraging at times, anybody blogging needs a huge dose of encouragement to keep you motivated. Recognizing that issue you’ll also find posts that focus on mindset and motivation.
For those who need help that goes beyond the information provided in our content, we provide a small range of services to help you use content to make a difference in your business.
Rebecca Livermore is the owner of Professional Content Creation and has been a professional freelance writer since 1993.

Her company is focused on training small business owners on how to effectively use content to market their businesses.

You may remember our special guest last week on show 65 was Tena Pettis who is a social media expert, accomplished speaker and trainer on all things social.

She talked about how to create, build and engage your own Clique.

Tena talked about how to use the various Social Media platforms and one of the major keys to this process is content sharing and blogging, which is exactly, what Rebecca will talk about on today’s show!

Coming next week on Show 67 we will host Carolyn Herforth and she will discuss with us the “5 Things You Must Know to Close the Sale in the Digital Age.”

You notice how these shows weave a path to help you in your business!

Last week we discussed how to share your message

This week how to create the message

And next week how to make sales from the messages you have shared.

If your listening and implementing the tips your learn from these shows you will be making more money. Don’t forget back on show 61 we have John Walters telling you have to save on your income tax, which may be important to you as you start to increase your income.


Social Media Business Hour

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