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SP 15: 2024 Vision: Amplifying Deep Tech Voices – Insights from Investors and Entrepreneurs on ‘Beginner’s Mind’

todayJanuary 10, 2024 1

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    SP 15: 2024 Vision: Amplifying Deep Tech Voices – Insights from Investors and Entrepreneurs on 'Beginner's Mind' #HeliumRadio

Dive into the future with ‘Beginner’s Mind’ as I unveil the 2024 vision, a groundbreaking journey through the world of deep tech. In this special episode, join me for a riveting exploration into the minds of tech giants like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk. Discover exclusive insights that are shaping the future of technology and investment.

We’re not just talking about trends; we’re discussing real impact and growth. As we expand and professionalize our content, each conversation becomes a beacon for entrepreneurs and investors seeking a deeper understanding of the evolving digital landscape. From invaluable book reviews to compelling dialogues with leading figures, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for our ambitious audience.

Expect more than just interviews – get ready for a series of engaging, SEO-optimized discussions that not only resonate with your aspirations but also provide practical insights for your professional journey. Be part of a thought-provoking experience that connects you with the heart of innovation and investment in 2024.

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