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James Fischer PhD the Executive Director of the Zoological Lighting Institute. 

The Zoological Lighting Institute, is a 501 c(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting the sciences of light and life through the arts for animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Natural light is a crucial foundation for all life on earth, and only scientific investigation can make evident the necessary relationships for ecological well-being.

ZLI encompasses four businesses. 

First, ZLI Endowment opportunities entail named grant, post-doctorate, and scholarship sponsorship opportunities. 

Second, ZALA Animal Welfare Monitoring Franchises monetize beneficial data collection while improving care, husbandry, and research. 

Third, AWASH Animal Welfare Design and Education advance a unique animal welfare-oriented approach to design and planning, pursuing sustainable conservation one animal at a time. 

And last but not least, ZLI pursues IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Engagement, and Access) programming related to ZLI Campaigns, and in partnership with Photo Diversity Films.

ZLI Campaigns underscore the importance of Applied Photobiology. The Campaigns James established take cues from different animals, to highlight important SDGs to work upon. ZLI’s Beached Campaign for example, interprets the extreme adaptability of cetacean senses to encourage dialogue capable of overcoming anti-Asian hate. ZLI’s Bearanoia Campaign addresses mental health concerns related to environmental factors, specifically due to artificial light. Other ZLI Campaigns relate to healthy aging (ZLI’s Otohime Campaign), food security (ZLI’s Insect Apocalypse Campaign), reproductive health (ZLI’s Health Glow Campaign), and migration/trafficking (ZLI’s Save a Billion Birds!). 

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