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The Million Dollar Episode! (As in, we don’t have it here…)

todayNovember 22, 2023 12

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    The Million Dollar Episode! (As in, we don't have it here...) #HeliumRadio

Why a million dollars? Would you be listening if this was “The $4.36 Show”? Since it’s a holiday week here on Podcastia, and all of our potential guests are stuffing their faces or stuck in the airport, I figured I’d cut them a break, and do a solo show. So, get caught up on the show, and check out this edition of “Sherpa Samples”,too!! These are the podcasts sampled on “Sherpa Samples”

  1. Symptomatic-A Medical Mystery Podcast
  2. Mr. Ballen’s Medical Mysteries
  3. LeVar Burton Reads
  4. Someone Knows Something
  5. Security Now
  6. The Blindboy Podcast
  7. The Rachel Maddow Show
  8. Unrestorable
  9. The Riddler: Secrets In The Dark
  10. The Wedding Scammer
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Too Many Podcasts!

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