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UK In Recession As Economy Shrinks Again

todayFebruary 22, 2024 3

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    UK In Recession As Economy Shrinks Again #HeliumRadio

The UK is officially in recession after negative growth of -0.3% in the last two quarters of 2023. The economy barely grew last year by 0.1% following inflation, cost of living crisis and high interest rates. Inflation remained at 4% this month prompting hopes of a cut in interest rates in March or April. The government borrowed £7.8 billion in December and the national debt stands at £2.7 trillion and 97% of GDP. UK house prices rose in January according to the Halifax, but ONS figures a small fall in England. Financial Education In my upcoming free live money training session this Wednesday at 8:00 PM, we’ll delve into the factors contributing to the gender pension pay gap and explore actionable strategies to bridge this divide. By attending, you’ll gain valuable insights into:

  1. Understanding the root causes of the gender pension pay gap.
  2. Navigating career breaks and their impact on retirement savings.
  3. Investing smartly to maximize your pension fund growth.
  4. Overcoming financial challenges unique to women.
  5. Empowering yourself to achieve financial freedom and security.

But that’s not all! When you register for the session, you’ll also gain access to my free newsletter, delivering regular updates and tips to help you stay informed and in control of your finances. Seize this opportunity to take charge of your financial well-being. Don’t let the gender pension pay gap dictate your future. Join me this Wednesday and embark on the path to financial empowerment! Register now to secure your spot:⁠ Additionally, check out this informative video on managing your money effectively: Together, let’s strive towards closing the gender pension gap and creating a more equitable financial landscape for all. Join me online on my free live money training Wednesday at 8.00PM. Register now below to book your seat and get regular money updates through my free newsletter. ⁠⁠  What can you do to manage your money and become financially free? Watch video – Buy-to-Let Alternative To Pension Plans Buy-to-Let investors pension plans devasted by George Osborne’s Section 24 landlord tax hike. See: – Transfer Property Into A Limited Company Without Paying CGT or Stamp Duty t offset Sec 24. ⁠ ⁠ Where to find me: Money Tips website: Channel: Tips Facebook Community: For a free gold, investment report, and Discovery Call, click here ( Join me online on my free live money management training Wednesday at 8.00PM.  Places are limited, so register now below to book your seat and get regular money updates through my free newsletter. ⁠⁠  #buytoletlandlord #propertyinvestment #section24tax #georgeosborne #financialfreedom #FinancialEquality #FinancialIndependence #ClosingTheGap  #money #MoneyManagement #FinancialEducation #SecureYourFuture #TakeControl #FinancialWellBeing #BridgeTheDivide #EqualityInFinance #economy #recession #section24 #section21

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