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Unwrapping An Incredible Present. Donna Bond on Making A Leap into the Unknown

todayApril 9, 2024

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    Unwrapping An Incredible Present. Donna Bond on Making A Leap into the Unknown #HeliumRadio

“When we make a leap into the unknown, when we’re willing to walk into that space of darkness, we suddenly open ourselves to so many possibilities that never even existed before that moment.” – Donna Bond. 
Today, the fabulous Donna Bond makes her second appearance on the show. This time, to talk about the breadcrumbs she and her husband followed all the way to Costa Rica, her new life there, her constantly evolving personal growth, and more. Donna is an Igniter of Light, a Catalyst for Personal Transformation, a Spiritual Life and Business Coach, and the Author of “Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You.”
In this episode, you’ll hear the details of Donna’s spiritual and physical journey to Costa Rica, how she and her husband ended up there, and how they adapted to their new life. Donna also shares her thoughts on trusting our guts, making the leap into the unknown, soul contracts, and breaking free from self-imposed limitations.
Additionally, Donna explains the Entelechy Code, soul lessons, the liberating power of saying “yes” to ourselves, and much more. 
Tune in to Episode 208 of Uncover Your Magic, and prepare to leap into the unknown and unwrap the universe’s incredible present. 
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Costa Rica’s first call (11:30)
  • What it means when a soul contract is activated (18:50)
  • What happens when we leap into the unknown (22:00)
  • Donna explains the Entelechy Code (32:10)
  • Why do we give ourselves exit ramps? (40:00)
  • The world is our mirror, even though we might avoid looking at it (47:50)
  • Donna shares her morning spiritual practice (53:00)

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