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What You Need to Know About Black Philanthropy and How to Benefit From It with Dr. Jackie Copeland S5 Ep.10


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What you Need to Know About Black Philanthropy and How to Benefit From It with Dr. Jackie Copeland S5 Ep. 10

Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland has been laying tracks for the narrative on Black Philanthropy for over 20 years.  With the support of Reunity, formerly the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network, Black Philanthropy Month launched in 2001 with its first official global summit to commemorate the United Nations Year and Decade of People of African Descent. Over 30 diverse women from multiple countries throughout the global Black Diaspora worked with Dr. Copeland to co-organize BPM Summits and public awareness campaigns over its 20-year history.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How BPM is supporting Black businesses and social enterprises 
  • How you can benefit from Black Philanthropy
  • Misconceptions about Black Philanthropy
  • How BPM is helping corporations and corporate foundations achieve more equitable funding outcomes ane more!

See More Information About BPM!

Black Philanthropy Month ( is documenting and celebrating Black-led funding, while advancing fair access to private capital (philanthropy and business investment) for Black nonprofit and business founders worldwide, inclusive of all Black identities and genders everywhere.

The Women Invested to Save Earth Fund (

WISE is a global funding equity enterprise supporting diverse founders with solutions to pressing challenges and is the backbone organization for Black Philanthropy Month.  See and for more and become a donor or investor today.  Note that new grants or loans are on hold until 2023 as we raise more funding. To help fund WISE and Black Philanthropy Month contact with questions or to join our mailing list for future events and funding equity initiatives. Email: Phone: (602) 759-0105

 Global Black Funding Equity Initiative (

  • 2022 Black Philanthropy Month Summit Series Replays ( Just register or login and spread the word.
  • Black Philanthropy Month Proclamation Template

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Where's The Funding?!

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