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WMP#119: Mastering the Art of Music: Justin Perkins Unveiled

todaySeptember 26, 2023 15

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    WMP#119: Mastering the Art of Music: Justin Perkins Unveiled #HeliumRadio

WISCONSIN MUSIC PODCAST AMPLFYING WISCONSIN MUSIC EPISODE 119 Justin Perkins Mystery Room Mastering WMP Linktree: https://linktr.ee/WI_Music_Podcast Are you a music enthusiast looking to uncover the secrets behind the perfect sound? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring musician, eager to learn from the best in the industry? Look no further than the Wisconsin Music Podcast, where we bring you closer to the heartbeat of music in the Badger State and beyond. In this episode, we sit down with Justin Perkins, a master of the audio craft. With over two decades of experience, Justin has lent his magical touch to the remastering of iconic albums by artists like The Replacements, Shania Twain, and Busta Rhymes, to name just a few. He’s also worked with a vast array of independent bands and artists worldwide, helping them achieve sonic perfection. But Justin’s story doesn’t end there. From playing bass in bands in the Midwest to sharing the stage with music legends, his journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in the music world. Join us as we delve into Justin’s career, from his early days at Butch Vig’s Smart Studios to the founding of Mystery Room Mastering, his thriving audio haven. Discover the art and science of mastering, gain insights into the world of music production, and learn what it takes to create the perfect sound. Whether you’re a music aficionado or a budding artist, you’ll find inspiration and knowledge in this episode. So tune in, turn up the volume, and let’s explore the world of music with Justin Perkins on the Wisconsin Music Podcast. https://linktr.ee/mystery_room  

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