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You Get What You Tolerate Not What You Deserve!

todayMay 16, 2024

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    You Get What You Tolerate Not What You Deserve! #HeliumRadio

We are told that we get what we deserve, but is that true? We get what we tolerate, accept and put up with.   People will put up with the most terrible situations in their lives including abusive relationships, bad jobs and low wages for years.  Have you noticed that there are people who seem to get treated better than others?  Have you heard the expression he or she is “nobody‘s fool”?  He or she just seems to demand respect and they get it! That doesn’t mean they are rude or arrogant. Then there are those unfortunate people who just soak it up!  They are the person that gets all the crap jobs, the family member that’s bossed around and bullied! And it goes through their whole life and never seems to change, unless they do. I’ve seen two elderly sisters where one of them is dominating the other to the extent that it’s almost an abusive relationship. What unwanted things have you been tolerating in your life for years?

  • Relationships
  • Abusive boss
  • Abusive family member 
  • Career or job you hate
  • Money problems and lack
  • Bad neighbourhood 
  • Bad neighbours!
  • Economy flights! Ha ha!

Make your own list… You don’t have to put up with it for the rest of the life, and don’t have to be a martyr! Holding in that anger has been scientifically proven to cause physical health problems. You’re not going to get that promotion if you allow yourself to be the butt of everyone’s jokes.  There’s no point in running away or changing jobs, because there is always an asshole or bully in every company! Think of the bully as a teacher who has been sent to give you a lesson.   What are you going to do about it? Here are some suggestions:

  • Decide!
  • Refuse to tolerate less than you deserve. 
  • Start slowly, pushing back.
  • Be assertive and not aggressive.
  • Take an assertiveness course if need be. 
  • Work on yourself and upgrade your skills. 
  • Write out your goals and expectations in your career, health, wealth and life. 
  • Start making plans to achieve your goals. 
  • Just get started! Do it!
  • Start managing your money, time, health, energy, sleep, diet and life. 

Make a decision today to expect the best in your life and rid yourself of all unwanted people and things that are not to your liking.  I regularly book business class flights or upgrade to business.  Why? More comfort  Better sleep and  I feel better in myself  Less recovery time wasted I enjoy rather than endure the flight.  I decided many years ago to work for myself rather than work for somebody else. I made that lifechanging decision to work on myself more than I was working on my job, so I started a journey of self-improvement and mentoring to improve my wealth and health.    Do you ever wonder why you never seem to have enough money? We are living in challenging economic times. I want to show you how can you:

  • Not only survive, but thrive in a recession or depression?
  • Get control of your finances and spending?
  • Save and invest for your future?
  • Learn about money and finance?

To help you, I am running a free training webinar.   3 Steps To Success Money Management! I want to take you to the next level, help you get control of your money, learn how to invest and become financially free.  Join me online on my free live money management training Wednesday at 7.00PM.  Places are limited, so register now below to avoid disappointment. #finance #moneytraining #moneymanagement #wealth #money #marketing #property #investment #assertive #businessclassflight #freemoneytraining #moneytips #relationships #health

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