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Written by on March 27, 2019

If you live near the Tampa Bay, Florida area, then you’re blessed to be in such a beautiful place, just like us, the Helium Radio Network. We are based in Tampa Bay and from time to time, we talk about professional sports. The Tampa Bay Area just so happens to be home to a large array of sports team. Looking at the regions professional sports franchises, most of them use the name “Tampa Bay,” which is actually not the name of any city, it’s the name of a body of water. This name emphasizes that they are representing a wider metropolitan area, not just one area.

Three Teams

There are three teams that compete at the professional level. You have the Tampa Bay Lightning, which play in the National Hockey League. You also have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that play in the National Football League and the Tampa Bay Rays, which play in Major League Baseball.

Baseball …this is one of the most popular professional sports known to man, and those that are in Tampa get the opportunity to enjoy the games. Heritage and traditional mean something to every baseball fans, and for those fans in Tampa Bay, it means even more. Baseball actually helped build this beautiful city – back in the day, Tampa was an unincorporated town that had a total of 800 residents, but a nine-man baseball team had been formed. From the very beginning, baseball fit Tampa Bay better than any other sport.

Tampa Bay’s team set out to visit other plays from across Florida and that’s when the real fascination with the game started. Then, in the 1880’s, Baseball got an even bigger boost when Cuban immigrants came in to work at cigar factories that were being built in Ybor City. Baseball was Cuba’s most popular sport (they imported it from America), and those that were great at rolling cigars had proved that they were also good at hitting home runs. The baseball fans in Tampa just couldn’t seem to get enough and in the following years, professional teams from Havana were competing with local players from American and National Leagues. Without a doubt, it was obvious that this professional sport was responsible for shaping the community in Tampa Bay.


Most sports fans in the Tampa Bay area can’t turn their heads away from baseball season. However, they also love a good game of NFL, and maybe even some hockey, and this is all backed by Helium Radio, the station that truly is blessed to live in such a beautiful area.


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