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Each week, actor and author, Colin Egglesfield, chats with fellow entertainment industry colleagues, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and authors about their experiences overcoming personal and professional challenges in pursuit of what inspires them. The show captures the essence of Colin’s AGILE ARTIST/INSPIRE brand and translates it into a fun and engaging hour of insight and discovery that is broadcasted LIVE on YouTube and Facebook.

The show airs LIVE every Monday night at 8pm EST and is approximately 60min in length. Following the live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, each episode is subsequently distributed on platforms such as Apple iTunes, Spotify and Sound Cloud podcasts as well as Helium Radio which garners a million visitors every month.

The format features a one-on-one interview with an inspiring and ‘go with the flow’ conversational tone catered to the guest.


Coffee with Colin is brought to you by Picticular. Picticular is a movie curating app that allows you to quickly and easily see where to watch films by your favorite actors and directors as well as connect with your friends to see what films they are recommending. The app allows you to swipe left or right similar to social dating apps and mark your favorite films as ‘lit’ or not which adds an interactive and engaging element to discovering the newest and best movies that are trending.

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