Top 7 Podcasting Benefits for Today’s Entrepreneurs

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What Are The Podcasting Benefits for Today’s Entrepreneurs?

Man enjoying Podcasting Benefits for Today's Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs must understand that their audiences have unique needs. As a result, it would be worth considering several content formats, such as an online podcast platform, so your brand appeals to a wide range of audiences in your target market.

Podcasting plays a big part in any digital marketing campaign for effective lead generation and engagement. This content format delivers many benefits and is a unique way to capture audiences for your brand.

Podcasting is a program or recording distributed via the internet, often for free, for self-paced, on-demand listening. It is experiencing a steady rise, and it’s no surprise since they are easy to listen to while users are going about their business.

According to Podcast Insights, there are now over 2 million active podcasts. In fact, Spotify was the most popular app for listening to podcasts in the US in 2020, with 25 percent of listeners tuning in.

As such, marketers in the US are predicted to spend approximately $1.74 billion on podcasts ads, according to eMarketer.

If you’re still reluctant to try it for your enterprise, here are the top seven podcasting benefits for today’s entrepreneurs:

1. Authentic and Engaging

Podcasting is one of the best ways to attract and engage target audiences. You can record podcasts on your own, with a co-host, or have a guest. It can be less formal than a regular video because you can speak to your audience as if you’re talking to a friend.

2. Portable and More Interactive

Curation has become a popular trend in the digital marketing world, and podcasting is the perfect medium to achieve this.

Podcasts allow you to engage with your target market while they go about their daily activities. Audiences also listen to podcasts right on their smartphone or tablet. This interactive experience is definitely a plus for today’s entrepreneurs who want to have a stronger media presence.

3. Lower-cost Investment and Timeline Flexibility

Compared to other kinds of video, podcasting can be less expensive because you don’t need a camera or editing tools. It’s also easier to produce because you don’t need to find a location for your shoot. You can do it anywhere with your co-host or guest.

What’s trending now is podcasters filming their recordings and broadcasting on different video streaming sites. However, you can begin podcasting with a recorder or even a good-quality phone.

In addition, you can record a podcast at any time and publish it on your own schedule. However, it is good practice in digital marketing to have scheduled content to increase engagement and brand awareness.

4. Potential for Virility

A podcast series can be uploaded as an audio file in MP3 format. The podcast can then be sent out to your audience via social media for shareability. The more audiences share your content, the more likely it will go viral, increasing clickthroughs to your website.

5. Collaboration with Influencers

Conducting a podcast interview is a great way to connect with influencers in the industry. It widens your reach as you tap into these influencers’ audiences.

The influencers you work with will share the content with their followers, increasing your brand awareness and traffic to other markets at no cost.

6. Long-Lasting

Podcasts can be a long-lasting way of engaging with your audience. Unlike videos, you can use a podcast repeatedly to draw interest to your brand.

Moreover, you can create your own podcast in just a few steps with the right equipment. You can then advertise your podcast online or even host a live broadcast.

7. It’s a Great SEO Tool

The more popular your podcast is, the higher it ranks in search results like Google and Bing. On the downside, the recording process may take time depending on the number of guests you have, which can eat into your production costs.


Given the benefits of podcasting, consider adding this content format to your digital marketing strategy. It will allow you to connect with your customers more personally.

Since digital marketing is becoming more competitive, businesses must do their best to stay ahead. If you are looking to reach the next level of your business, podcasting is a great place to start.

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