Top 9 Reasons People Love Tampa Bay

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Many people love Tampa Bay and that’s a fact! In 2016, a record high of 22.6 million people visited the Tampa Bay area. What do people love about this area? There are hundreds of reasons, depending on who you ask. More people we talk to in person explain how they are “transplants” who moved here from their home state. We don’t hear too many responses such as, “I’m a native” or “born and raised right here in (insert Florida city name). At any rate, below are 10 top reasons people in Tampa Bay love Tampa Bay!

1. The Weather

Oh yes, how can we forget about the nice, sunny weather that Florida is known for? With average temperatures of 73 degrees, and desirable weather throughout the year, how can one say “no” to Tampa? It does get cool as well, which is a refreshing feeling after the extended summer months of April through October (seriously!)

2. Golfing

The second reason people love Tampa Bay involves golfing. For golfers, this area just so happens to be one of the top destinations in the world due to the amazing golf courses. If you’re a golfer and want to swing wrenches regularly, then this would be one of the best places to live. You can enjoy resorts like World Woods, Saddlebrook Resort, Lake Jovita Golf and Country Club, Innisbrook, and World Woods.

3. The Beaches

For those that enjoy the beach scene, you’ll love the beaches in the area. Tampa Bay is known for their beautiful beaches and St. Petersburg too. In fact, the beaches in Florida are nesting among the best in America. In Tampa, the sand is super white, and the waters are transparent and clean. Clearwater Beach has been rated the #1 beach in the country multiple times!

4. Shopping

Throughout the area, you’ll find a large array of livability-enhancing retail. You have the most popular grocery chain in Florida, Publix, and so much more. People love Publix where shopping is a pleasure — it’s always clean and freshly-stocked. Everyone we run into is courteous and happy to help. For the niche groups of people who want to try newer supermarkets, we are complete with Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi’s, Fresh Market, and a few Earth Fare stores as well!

5. The Food Scene

Food lovers, this is where you unite! The food scene here is delicious to say the least. With multicultural cuisine, farm-to-table fare, and fresh seafood, you can’t go wrong. Here, there is a little something for everyone. There are just as many unique hotspots in downtown St. Petersburg and Tampa as there are chains, which are everywhere. We suggest paying a little more for better service, better food and an overall more delightful experience than go to the chain restaurants!

6. The National Image

Not only is Tampa known as being a tourist town, it’s also a nice place to run a data center or national call center. They’re a tech-town with a lot of knowledge, and each year, they’re advancing even more. Entrepreneurs are flocking here and unless you were in the tech scene or an entrepreneur in the area, you’d never know. It’s a popular and growing culture of business leaders, networking, partnerships, and startups.

7. Sushi

Okay, if you’re a fan of sushi, then this is your destination! In fact, Tampa is known for being the top destination in America for those that enjoy sushi. The local cooks have the opportunity to work with super fresh products. Simply bust out your map app and type in sushi. The pins will drop all over the map!

8. Sports

There’s no denying the fact that there are some great sports teams in the area. With teams like Buccaneers (NFL), Lightning (NHL) and the Rays (MLB) team, a sports fan can’t go wrong. We do have our fair share of rivals who enjoy following teams outside of Tampa as well. That’s what happens when you mix a big sports town with a lot of transplanted people from up north or all over the country for that matter.

9. Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is breathtakingly beautiful and a nice place to hold a public event. At the Riverwalk, you will have access to the weaterfront, and it links to five museums, numerous hotels and restaurants, and seven parks.

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