What You Should Know About Advertising on Podcasts

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Ads will always be the best way to reach big audiences. As an advertiser, you only need to find where the right people are and influence them using the best kind of ad you can develop. When it comes to platforms, you have many options. You can place them on print, radio, social media, or the web. 

If you are looking for a growing platform and a warmer approach to advertisement, you should consider promotion on podcasts. 

The Booming Podcast Industry

Thanks to new technologies, the podcast space is booming. Listeners with Bluetooth-enabled cars, smartphones, smart speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and fast streaming speed can simply tune in to their favorite podcast and listen. In fact, approximately 41 percent of Americans listen to podcasts every month. That means around 116 million people in 2021. It is a good audience you would not want to miss. 

Podcast advertising can also be more effective than ads. With the many types of content found on this platform, the audience can look for a show they want before deciding to listen. Podcast listeners create this trust and bond with the hosts, which can be very helpful for advertisement. 

Which Podcast to Place Sponsored Ads To?

When choosing the perfect advertisement platform, the number one thing to look for is where your target audience is. In the podcast industry, the same concept applies. But instead of looking at analyzing each show’s type of audience, it would be easier to look into the podcast itself. 

Based on the kind of program it runs, what type of audience do you think would stick to their show? On such platforms, the size of the audience does not always matter. Remember that they have that special relationship with their audience, which you may want to ride on. Some may not have the listener quantity you aim for, but they have well-defined audiences that believe in what the hosts say, and you might want to take advantage of that.

What Are the Types of Podcast Ads?

If you are considering making podcast ads, there are two types of ads you can try:

Dynamic Insertion

The ad server usually plays this type of podcast ad at the beginning or end of a show. Your ad is recorded and produced separately from the podcast episode and is stitched with the episode later. Most of the time, the ad will not always be part of the episode when the audience decides to download it. 

However, if your ad meets targeting conditions, the ad could be placed together with the episode file. It would be best to clarify this with your podcast platform first.

Baked-In Ads

This ad type is when your ad becomes a permanent part of the episode’s audio file. In other words, your ad becomes embedded in the show, and people can surely hear it when they decide to download the episode. In this type of ad, the host usually reads the ad script and smoothly integrates it in the middle of the program. 

How Much Is the Worth of a Podcast Advertisement?

Unfortunately, there is no defined ad fee for podcast sponsorship, which is the challenge podcast advertisers need to face. The budget you have to spend all depends on the show you work with. 

Every show has its own payment model\. Some offer flat rates while others follow the cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-thousand-impressions model. To fully grasp which one is best for you, try to work and experience it all first before you decide. 


Working with podcasts for advertising is an excellent opportunity. Many podcasts have built a trusting relationship with their audience. More importantly, you can work with a host who knows how to reach out to their listeners. However, keep in mind that you must always choose a relevant podcast. Once you develop an ad, do not hesitate to revise and improve it until you come up with the perfect one that would give you the revenue. 

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