Why You Should Consider Radio Advertising in the Digital Age

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Do you think radio advertising is an outdated medium in this digital age of videos and social media? Evidence shows that radio still holds potential for brands.

With a well-executed radio campaign, you can increase awareness of your brand and convey your brand message better than any other medium out there.

In this article, we will run through why you should consider radio advertising to promote your products and services.

Selective Targeting

Advertisers can tailor and localize their content to match each target audience. Radio allows advertisers to direct their messages to specific demographics, psychographics, geographic areas, events, and genres.

You can reach your desired audience when they usually listen to the radio and use the genre of radio shows that cater to them.

Different radio personalities such as DJs, influencers, experts, journalists, etc., can help you reach a loyal set of listeners and drive conversation about your products.

Your brand can partner with any of these radio personalities to add more weight to your endorsement. Listeners often treat these radio personalities as their “trusted friends,” which makes them more compelling.

A Wider Reach

In 2019, Nielsen’s Audio Today reported that radio provides access to 272 million US consumers weekly. This medium reaches 92% of all American adults weekly compared to TV’s 87%, smartphone’s 81%, and the personal computer’s 54%

This means that more people listen to the radio during a typical month than using the internet for dedicated online searches, social media, video, and e-commerce.

Audio-based content has been gaining popularity for advertisers as the highly saturated social media landscape has virtually no space left for another video’s screen or logo.

Improved Brand Awareness

Radio listeners who have listened to your ads several times can create a mental image of your brand based on your radio ads’ tone, attitude, and message. This gives radio ads a significantly higher ad awareness and brand consideration compared to other mediums.


People listen to the radio while doing a broad range of activities such as their daily commute, office work, or running errands. Radio advertisers can reach people on the go and closest to the point of sale. Unlike newspapers or TV, you can reach customers even while they are gardening or driving.


The information transmitted through radio advertising is done through sound, which is more memorable. Your audience is more likely to retain this information with less frequency compared to TV or print ads.

According to a study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, radio advertising has delivered $12 in sales for every $1 spent. This makes it cost-effective compared to other advertising methods.

Radio production is also less expensive and faster than TV and print, especially if revisions are necessary. 


In this fast-paced age of social media, it may seem outdated to consider radio ads. However, it still holds great potential for widening your brand’s reach and building brand awareness to your target market.

You can reach a specific demographic through their favorite radio personalities even while they are busy doing their daily activities or are at work through radio advertising. Radio advertising also has more retention than highly saturated social media ads that require more posting frequency.

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