Why Your Podcast Needs Its Own Web Page

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It should be a given that ANY business in today’s day and age needs its own web page. Whether it’s a landing page, a squeeze page or a traditional website, a web page is still a web page. Not everyone out there immediately goes on the hunt for social media platforms before making an informed decision. If a consumer is interested in purchasing a product, a single social media post may not be enough to sway them. They’re looking for concrete credibility, which is often found on solid, content-rich and user-friendly websites. Also, that website needs to be desktop, tablet AND mobile optimized! Now, if you have a podcast show or any type of audio content, it too needs its own web page. It must stand out one way or another. With its individuality present (as its own page), you have another way to “touch” your audience.

One Extra Large Credibility Coming Right Up!

Often times, when our employees are researching or prospecting other businesses, they come across many flags. One big fat red flag shows itself when a business has Google Reviews, a Facebook page, but no website. How can a business function and grow without a website? It boggles our mind sometimes; and yes, we know there are a few anomalies out there. Whether you’re an author, a musical artist, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a church pastor or enjoy blogging about baking, you need a website. Without one, you’re really doing yourself and your business a disservice. Having one lets the world know you are well established. Even if you’re starting out, it tells everyone you take yourself and your business seriously–and it’s not just a hobby.

Let’s Talk Audio!

A website will not only give you credibility, it will also give the impression that your show is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. One of the great things about the internet is that the size of your listenership does not really matter—nobody truly knows how small or large your audience is. Still, that’s not a problem. There’s no reason you can’t get your show’s site to rank high on Google ahead of a larger multimillion-person competing audience and direct some of their traffic to you. This is a big part of the reason that a website is even more important for a brand new show as opposed to a larger one. It enables you to secretly level the playing field!

Why “DIY” is NOT the Solution!

Of course, free website options like SquareSpace, Wix and Weebly do exist. Some services will upsell you into monthly plans based on storage, bandwidth, email accounts, privacy protection and many more options. Others will remain free, but when it’s free, you get the bottom of the barrel. There’s not much you can do with “free.” Most services that you’ll need are offered to you on an a la carte basis. Everything you’ll need to be successful is an add-on. Every customer picks from the same templates and of course, it’s not as customizable as a standard WordPress website. For example, you can’t make SOMETHING THIS ROBUST on a free platform! (Our team put in countless hours on that site and we are proud!)

When it comes to content ownership and SEO, the free and cheap website providers out there put limits on both. Not many people realize they are essentially shooting themselves in the foot. By going with one of the “free guys” or “cheap guys” you do not own your content. Again, you do not own your content if you’re using their … everything–their hosting server, their domains, their designs, their templates, etc. When it comes to the WordPress platform, the SEO is sustained because you own the website. When you pay for your own hosting and your own domain, you own everything forever—even if you stop paying.

We understand that not everyone wants to spend the money to have their own web page or full-blown website and that’s okay. We at least want to inform our readers and the other podcasting show hosts what they are potentially leaving on the table by not having their own podcasting web page. If nothing else, at least stand out from your personal social media accounts with a business page or business account. Share only as the business or your podcasting show and leave all personal parts for your own pages.

Here’s a few examples of show’s we produce and syndicate that have their own web pages:

  1. The Big Picture Science Show
  2. Beauty & The ‘Burg
  3. Total Education Network
  4. Targeting Leadership
  5. Sports Matters
  6. Late Night Parents
  7. The Revenue Generating Hour

Thank you for your attention!

Written by: #HeliumRadio

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