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Ted Hicks is a dad, husband & son that enjoys writing and speaking with game changers in the wonderful world of parenting, technology, product reviews, education and sports. There are very few topics that won’t be addressed with contributions to LateNightParents.com or the radio show. Ted has spent the last 15+years in the information technology field – primarily in NY and creates content for various blogs and other independent radio shows.

You can expect a witty exchange on the #LNPshow. Be prepared for an open and honest conversation – because that’s what you’re going to receive. LateNightParents.com is a resource site for parents looking for interesting blogs on various topics and articles.  We provide our thoughts and giveaways for baby gear, electronics, sporting events & apparel.  Follow us at @RealTedHicks / @LateNightParent or feel free to e-mail me at ted@lnp.tv. Check us out at http://facebook.com/latenightparents.

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