4 Questions to Ask Your B2B Company Before Starting a Podcast

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4 Questions to Ask Your B2B Company Before Starting a Podcast

Podcast listeners are a unique audience niche for B2B businesses. According to recent podcasting surveys, 74% of podcast listeners want to learn new things and are more inclined to be active on social media and follow brands. As a result, podcasts provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop qualified leads and brand champions.

However, podcasts may not be appropriate for every B2B brand. This article shares our thoughts on essential questions businesses should ask themselves before they start a company podcast. 

Should Your B2B Company Start a Podcast?

Here are four key questions B2B companies can ask themselves to determine whether a podcast can accelerate business targets – or slow them down.

1. Is Your Follower Base Likely to Give You a Listen?

According to Edison Research, podcast audiences are divided evenly between men and women. Age demographics are approximately similarly distributed between 12-17 (15%), 18-24 (15%), 25-34 (20%), 35-44 (17%), and 45-54 (15%), with significantly fewer users in the 55-64 (12%) and 65+ (12%) age groupings (6 percent ). Podcast listeners have a median income of $75,000, and they are more likely to possess a smartphone, be active on social media and follow companies.

If your consumers aren’t likely to listen to a podcast, your efforts may be futile. Thus it’s critical to evaluate podcast listener demographics to determine if your customer persona corresponds with those currently listening to podcasts.

2. What Content is Your Target Audience Likely to Consume?

Consult your sales staff to determine which content types are most effective for your buyer persona. For example, if your team indicates that customers prefer to read digestible tidbits of white papers and infographics, a B2B podcast may not be a suitable fit. 

Customers who prefer live webinars or spend a lot of time in their cars or public transportation, on the other hand, may enjoy a podcast that gives a comparable audio experience.

3. What are Competitors Doing?

If you’re wondering whether to start a podcast or not, it helps to see what the competition is doing.

Assess their performance; look at their guests, listeners, subscriptions, and shares. Can you match or outperform the podcast content produced by your competitors?

4. Are You Ready to Commit to a Year of Monthly or Weekly Episodes

Unlike videos and blog articles, which provide educational or SEO benefits on their own, B2B podcasts exist as part of a broader strategy to create a long-term connection with the listener. Suppose a listener gets the feeling the podcast will not be updated regularly. In that case, they may not find your podcasts worth their time. 

The top three reasons companies abandon podcasting are lack of time, lack of interest, and lack of content. If you cannot invest the resources required to produce regularly scheduled B2B podcasts, this medium may not be beneficial to your firm.

A Tip: Do a Test Podcast First

Testing out new audio material and promoting it using content that has performed well in the past is a practical way to see if a podcast makes sense for your B2B business. Leverage your most popular blog piece or other content into a podcast interview episode and release it to your audience. The feedback you receive will help you decide whether or not to continue your podcast production efforts.


Finally, the ideal companies to launch a podcast are those with a worthy perspective that helps others. If your company wants to stake its place as a thought leader, podcasting is an excellent way to do so.

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