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Book the Guests You Want Most on Your Podcast

todayJuly 27, 2020 15

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The prospect of booking guests on your podcast can make even the most seasoned podcaster uneasy. This feeling intensifies if it is a guest whom you really want to book.

New podcasters tend to struggle with figuring out how to go about booking guests. They flounder when reaching out to them or even when trying to find them in the first place. Despite how challenging it appears, the process of booking guests is relatively simple.

Make an Open Request

People love sharing their expertise; it is human nature. It makes them feel respected and valued. So, if you make an open request on an episode (or two), via your social media channels or via discussion groups, chances are good that at least a few people will respond.

Make sure that you specify your podcast title, concept, link to your website or an archive of episodes and (if you have it) and upcoming topics. This helps filter out people whose expertise is unrelated to your particular podcast.

Remain polite and express gratitude even when declining those who are not a good fit. It is a small world and you never know how your paths may cross in the future or who they may know.

Create a List

While you should always aspire to book your dream guests, it is best to work up to this goal if your podcast is new or not yet established in other ways. Make a list of guests who would fit the bill, starting with those who are less well known and therefore easier to book.

You can organize the list so that your ideal guests are toward the end. This will give you something to aspire to!

Send Personalized Emails

Emailing potential guests is a convenient way to ask them. That said, the subject line of the emails and content within should be personalized. Why? People’s inboxes are overflowing with promotional emails. You need to get their attention if your email stands a chance of being read.

Personalization does not end at including their name. Mention their professional achievements and explain why these accomplishments make them a perfect fit for your podcast. Express your admiration and respect for them. As we stated above, people love feeling valued!

Keep the emails short. Start with the details about their expertise and then quickly segue into the ask. Provide a brief summary of the talking points you are seeking from them, but leave it open for them to put their own spin on it. Remember, they are the expert and you want to make it clear that you respect their knowledge.

Written by: #HeliumRadio

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