Internet Radio | Saying Hello to the Future of Radio

todayFebruary 14, 2022


Is Internet radio still a thing?

Internet or online radio is just like traditional radio, except it is hosted on the internet. Being hosted on the internet gives it completely different freedom than it used to have as traditional radio.

What Is Internet Radio?

Radio is something that not many people are ready to get rid of just yet. To this day, radios remain relevant and do not seem to become obsolete any time soon. Due to this, there are still innovations to the traditional radio style that we used to know.

Today, radios are now on the internet. While there may still be radio stations that use local signals and frequencies, most radio channels have now migrated online. They are still almost the same format with a few added features like podcasts.

happy woman listening to internet radio on her phone.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Internet Radio?

Internet radio both has its disadvantages and advantages. For the disadvantages, one aspect many people will miss is its locality. Due to the limited transmission area of traditional radio, the programs would include inside and local jokes to reach their audience. This made radio more accessible and something that many people could easily enjoy.

There is also the fact that radios did not need the internet. You just need a signal, a radio, and you would be good to go. You can end up in the middle of nowhere, and as long as you have a radio with batteries, you will almost always end up picking a signal.

However, internet radio provides globality. While the locality is eliminated, one has access to global radio stations with internet radio. You can listen to other stations, and while they may have different languages, there are also international channels. Local radio stations were funny, but having a global reach allowed a person to be more in touch with the world.

Having a global reach also meant a more diverse choice of stations. You would no longer have to settle for the ten stations that your locality has. Instead, you will have access to thousands and thousands of radio stations.

As for the use of the internet, almost everybody has mobile data now. It is also rare to head to a place without an internet connection or signal. Internet radio is now all that is in, and technology is keeping up with it.

How Can I Benefit from Internet Radio?

As mentioned above, you will be more in touch globally. You can keep up with the news worldwide, and you will be informed about current situations. This is more important right now, especially with the global pandemic.

Additionally, it will give you access to a great number of entertainment channels. You can listen to music stations, podcasts, and other streams of all kinds. You will no longer have to go back and forth through a few stations, and you can just listen to one out of the thousand stations you have.


The future of radio is internet radio, and this innovation and change cannot be stopped. While traditional radio is still alive, and there may be people still using it, the shift is inevitable. Eventually, everybody will have to migrate towards the digital world, and antenna radios will no longer exist.

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