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It’s true that more people are considered “transparent” residents than Florida natives. You may believe that until you see all the “FLO-GROWN” stickers on the backs of pick-up trucks. Actually, we’re not sure what the truth is. We feel it’s closer to a 50-50 chance, much like a coin toss. Whether people in question are native to the land or have moved here, the beauty has always been here in Florida–specifically, in the St. Petersburg area.

The ‘Burg: Where Culture Thrives

In this month’s blog, we’re going to cover a piece of local real estate for art lovers and culture enthusiasts alike. Have you ever been to Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg? If you have, you’ll know it’s flooded with culture and a lot of must-see spots. One particular spot is located at 29th street and Central Avenue called the Craftsman House.

The Gallery and The Studio

Before you head downtown, let’s give you a tour. The Craftsman house has a pottery studio in addition to the main event, the art gallery. In doing some research, we learned the studio used to be a carriage house that was completely renovated. The pictures on their website are beautiful and showcase a room full of very nice pottery work done by Stephanie Schorr. Call ahead to see when the kiln is up and running to get the best bang for your buck!

The gallery itself proudly boasts artwork from over 300 artists, based locally and nationally. When you enter, you can expect all types of art including, but not limited to: blown glass, turned wood, fine pottery, and jewelry.

This would be an ideal date for a couple new to the area who are interested in things other than the bar and drinking games. Get out and get cultured. Learn some history about local people and the local shops. Don’t worry, they have food. It’s not free, but they do have food! You won’t need wifi to walk around and admire handmade art and pottery.

Recap On The ‘Burg

While Cindy has not covered this establishment, it is right up her alley. We wanted to bring a local hotspot into the spotlight for our readers. You don’t have to be local either to learn more about the ‘Burg. For the latest and greatest information on arts and culture in our Beautiful ‘Burg, be sure to tune into Cindy Stovall. She’s one of our beloved radio show hosts who helps to produce “Beauty And The Burg.”

You can listen to her library of shows here. It’s more than just art, it’s full of actors, theater, music, artists, musicians, museums, and hotspots. It doesn’t stop there either. Cindy mentions plenty of upcoming events in the greater Tampa Bay area (stretching from Clearwater to Tampa to St. Petersburg).

To visit the craftsman house’s official website, go here! For anything and everything related to Cindy Stovall, her links can be found below:

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