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Adam Berguem


Adam Berguem’s parents immigrated to the United States from Morocco when they were in their 20’s. Said and Saloua met at the Moroccan Epcot Center in Disney World, then moved to California a few years later.

Fast forward, Adam was born in Hollywood, California. He and his two siblings, Nora and Bilal, were raised in a town of 200 people three hours north of Los Angeles. Growing up in such a small town as the only black family taught Adam that it’s okay to be different and to stand out. He learned that using your uniqueness can be positive thing.

As a young kid, Adam and his entrepreneurial mindset were always trying to strike a deal. He started making money by telling his parents’ friends jokes and selling them on his crazy ideas.

Through childhood and into his adult years Adam retained the joy of life, the care for community, and the insane creativity needed to live in a 200 person town.

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