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Adeleke Nafisa Damilola


The creator of Novellisteer! my friends called me Damiel and I am a content creator, strategist, entrepreneur and student of life.

I make videos, host a podcast, write blog post, sell product work as a content strategist and tech educator at Damiel Badra.

Yes, am all this and more, the thing is I have always been a busy being and I knew that am novel, like I need to work hard at everything I do to get to the average minimum, prioritize my interest and figuring me out, while all this did give me a results, I got tried and exhausting of having to do it all alone!

After my first degree, I found myself struggling heavily to get a job, my mental and physical health really talk a hit and their was no one that I could talk to that would give me the comfort I wanted not needed.

During that period, I start a book and pop culture blog name Novelisteer, yes it did bring me the joy I wanted for a short while until the toxicity of the book community start getting to me, I keep blaming my environment for not having the next book for having to scrabble together change to buy the book I wanted, yeah you might say why did you not get out the thing was this is something I really love, I took several break from the blog and instagram.

Along the line, I came to a realization what do I really want and that which is happiness, finding what happiness means to me in one word took a lot of trial and error.

Happiness means Freedom to me and that made me realize that I need to improve, grow and secure my life if I really want that freedom and to do that I knew I have to design my life while intentionally creating the time to follow all of my passions, while tending to my health, career, business and well-being.

I started Novellisteer because I want to take you along the journey of finding that girl that know she is Novel and ready to Being Novel, I want to show you the happiest, scariest, saddest, exhilarating, joyful, and most vulnerable moments in my life.

For me novellisteer is not just a brand but a place to share all the knowledge and thought that sprout from this lonely and beautiful journey.

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