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  In addition to being informal, the show is shorter than most because it doesn't follow the standard news rule of "if it bleeds, it leads". This means that the show only covers what we believe is the real news and not a story about a car crash or saving a cat from a tree that's just designed to play with your emotions.   Finally, Quick News is hosted by […]

Brett Spangler is a recent college graduate from the Midwestern United States, but he moonlights as the host of the Quick News Daily Podcast. An avid listener of podcasts himself, Brett started the show in college because he felt that a quick, interesting, easy-to-understand news show was missing from the market. He thought that college students, professionals, parents, and anyone else with a busy life needed a place they could get the news, so Quick News Daily was born.

Outside the studio, Brett enjoys golf, web design, video games, movies, and NFL football.

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