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  Sarah will have all the engaging topics that YOU want to know about. She will have all the experts on to help you navigate your crazy life whether it’s dating, health, medicine, Sex life, and so much more. Sessions with Sarah is all you need for fun topics and a lot of laughs. Start your session now!!  

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This groundbreaking podcast features the dynamic duo of Dr. Sarah Russo and actor Alimi Ballard, who promise to bring riveting discussions on a myriad of topics, leaving no stone unturned. Dr. Sarah Russo, renowned for her show "Sessions with Sarah" on Helium Radio Network, is a respected voice in the medical field. Joining her is Alimi Ballard, a celebrated actor known for his impactful performances in the world of film […]

Dr. Sarah Russo is a licensed pharmacist and host of the “Sessions With Sarah” podcast on Helium Radio, as well as a Correspondent on DirtyWaterMedia in Boston.


At DirtyWaterMedia, she has hosted her show 1-on-1 with Dr. Sarah for over 5 years. She interviews country music artists and celebrities and has appeared at the Country Music Awards, CMA Music Festival, and has filmed several interviews with well known and up and coming country artists at Westlight Studios and 12th and Porter in Nashville. This year, she started podcasting with Manny DelCarmen, former World Series winning pitcher from the Boston Red Sox. Their show was called ThePitch617.


Sarah began her hosting career with her show called “In the SAC with Dr. Sarah.” For 2 years, her weekly advice show was held live at various Boston hot spots where she interviewed local celebrities and answered relationship questions.


Dr. Sarah continues hosting Sessions With Sarah, introducing you to unique guests all over  the world. She is passionate about rescuing animals, loves hot yoga, golfing, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her rescue dogs Maverick and Buddy.
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