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Movies Against Time

  Each episode we take turns picking a movie from the 60's to the 00's to revisit or sometimes experience for the first time. We share our unique perspectives and research behind the scenes information that we find interesting along with occasional banter and personal stories. With an archive of nearly 50 episodes our little show is the perfect binge listen for movie buffs and casuals alike.

A lifelong movie fanatic and has been a podcast fan/hobbyist since 2010. Much of his professional life has been in either sales or law enforcement (Corrections). In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone he started Movies Against Time to force his wife Sylvia to watch some of the terrible cinema he loves and spend even more time with the love of his life. His long-time friend and podcasting partner Bob was the obvious choice for an outside perspective on the films they review. You can reach him at any time through email or social media and listen every week on Helium Radio Network’s Untethered Radio on Fridays.

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