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Welcome to my magical space at Soulful Valley. I am the CEO of Soulful Valley. A multi-passionate , heart-centred entrepreneur, International Best-Selling author. Global ranked (Top 2%) podcast host and the founder of the Soulful Valley Publishing House.
I founded and led an “Alternative” mental health charity between 2013 and 2019 called STAGES. I’ve experienced a lifetime of trauma myself, childhood, relationship, financial, workplace bullying and health. You can read about some of that, in the Chapter I have written for the book “Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth”, (now an International Best Seller).
The podcast I created, Soulfulvalley (on Itunes and most podcasting platforms) came about when I received an Intuitive nudge to help people on a larger scale, just after the first Covid lockdown in the UK. I knew that sharing some of the experts that supported me, since losing my mobility and my day job, would benefit more people.
I know that a world filled with people who collaborate rather than competing, will be a better place for us all.
Soon after I launched the podcast, I made the decision to write a book (this has been something that I have wanted to do for many years but just never managed to prioritise it) and the opportunity to write a chapter for the book “Intuitive Knowing Her Truth” (available on Amazon) appeared in my inbox within a couple of weeks of me making that decision. This was a way to enter the world of becoming an Author, that I felt joyful about. It was such an exciting and positive experience. I loved every minute of it and went on to train as an independent publisher myself and create books that matter with incredible likeminded business owners.
I have been on a personal and spiritual development journey for the last decade and I am so grateful that I took this route because it led me to transforming my subconscious mind and ultimately changing my life. I trained as an EFT Practitioner, a Mindfulness Coach, a Law of Attraction Coach and a Reiki Master whilst I studied Psychology, The Science of the Mind, Counselling & Psychotherapy and Challenging Ideas in Mental Health, as part of my degree to increase my knowledge and let’s face it, to be accepted by mainstream, as I was running an “Alternative” Mental Health Charity. I also studied Psychic Development and Mediumship because that had been calling me for years having had many spiritual experiences since early childhood.
I love collaborating with spiritual business women, because I know that they are here to make an impact and create change within their own communities and I am personally passionate about transforming generational trauma.

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