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Knowing the Way is a podcast designed to help listeners know Jesus Christ through words of love and encouragement from the Bible with content dedicated to showing how the Scriptures can relate to everyday topics and life experiences.  This show will provide inspiration and hope by sharing the gospel in a very practical way with the belief that all lives can be positively impacted by the Christian faith. Knowing the […]

Greg is a native of Greensboro, NC where he currently resides.  He has been married to his wife Lillie for 29 years and they have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters. Greg earned a BS in Religion with honors from Liberty University in 2012 and serves as an active member of Love & Faith Christian Fellowship where their family has been members for almost 20 years. He accepted the call to ministry in 1997 and was officially licensed as a minister in 2013.

Greg has over 30 years of experience and training in preaching, teaching Bible classes for adults and youth, facilitating Bible College classes for Teamwork Ministries, leading and facilitating DivorceCare classes, and teaching discipleship training.  He enjoys writing, sports, walking for exercise, and spending time with his family.  He has written two books, Seven Essentials for Intimacy with God and From Damage to Destiny, God’s Way.  Greg founded Knowing the Way Ministries in 2007 and started the podcast in 2019 as Let’s Think on These Things, where he changed the name to Knowing the Way the following year.


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