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POP Buchanan is a 41-year-old motivational speaker from Brooklyn NY. POP Buchanan, lost his father when he was 13 years old from a heart attack. POP grew up interested in music, martial arts, and esoteric spirituality, poetry, God, and love. POP writes poetry and considers himself an idea machine. POP struggled with alcohol addiction from the age of 27-32. This addiction cost POP a high-profile real estate career, valuable relationships, and his health. Having a very good family and upbringing, POP sought out professional help. POP learned how to deal with his addiction, and began his rehabilitation in December of 2012.
Since then POP has transformed his life. He has devoted his life to telling his story. POP gained back the respect of his family and friends. By using his education and upbringing, POP secured a very great job, and he even got back into real estate investments. Most importantly he started spreading his message through his music, and podcast. You can find POP Buchanan on Spotify, iTunes, and other outlets. POP started a company called Monk Fruit Energy LLC, to bring low glycemic beverages and foods to the market.
After surviving alcoholism, POP transformed his health. In 2015 POP was diagnosed with Pre-diabetes. POP vowed to transform his health and help others, by using his knowledge of health and nutrition. POP devotes his life to helping people quit alcohol, drugs, and smoking. He also promotes a sugar-free America and teaches people how to reverse pre-diabetes. It is POP’s goal to be the poster child of sobriety, and model of health for the next generation.
You can learn more about POP’s journey, and sober story/testimony, by listening to the “Sober is Dope! Podcast at 
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