#27: QB Transitions: Moving on from your Generational Core Piece

In N Out Sports Podcast
In N Out Sports Podcast
#27: QB Transitions: Moving on from your Generational Core Piece

We're back with another NFL GM strategy episode! Last few (Episode #7 and #23 give it a listen) was greatly received and was requested to do a further deep dive, so this episode we talk about how to transition from your generational talent at the most important position in football, the QB.

This topic was inspired by Simsinator's Colts (Peyton–>Luck) as well as the current situation in Green Bay, plus their all too familiar past with this in Favre–>Rodgers well documented transition.

We cover the past 20 years in this epsiode, so also throw in Drew Brees passing the San Diego torch to Phillip Rivers in the mid 2000s. Unfortunately, this crosses out another well documented and heated transition, Joe Montana to Steve Young in the early 90s.
Finally, Dub City and Simsinator share their thoughts and how they would do it if they had the chance as a GM to transition to the next generation. What would you do?

Let us know your thoughts at innoutpodcast1@gmail.com or on Instagram @in_n_outpodcast and catch y'all next week!

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