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#29: Fantasy Football Draft Strategies and NFL Preview with GUEST Adam Warrayat

todayMarch 8, 2024 2

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Adam Warrayat, the commissioner of the KEEFAK league for the past 10 years, joins us in this special episode! With the NFL season starting this week, we wanted to not only preview and give our picks, but everybody’s favorite subject: FANTASY FOOTBALL! We bring on a commissioner in Adam to see how that thankless job differs from others who play fantasy football, and get his insight as someone who has run an evolving league for 10 years now.

Our outlook for today’s episode:

  • How to evolve Fantasy Football leagues to keep in line with ever changing NFL rules
  • How to limit tanking, collusion, and keep the league competitive: all issues in Fantasy Football
  • How to prepare for the fantasy draft
  • Predictions for who is going to win each division and the wildcard teams
  • Our Super Bowl predictions (wait until you hear Dub City’s)

Let us know your thoughts at [email protected] or on Instagram @in_n_outpodcast and catch y’all next week!

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