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Discover the Practical Side of Mindfulness with Josh Trent

todayAugust 29, 2023 5

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    Discover the Practical Side of Mindfulness with Josh Trent #HeliumRadio

“There is a lot of magic to uncover on the other side of pain.”
In today’s episode, I interview the extraordinary Josh Trent, CEO and Founder of Wellness Force Media, Host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, loving husband and father of two, and a civilized caveman. In an interview full of “mic drop” moments, Josh shared his thoughts on happiness, mindfulness, fulfillment, purpose, and self-development. 
Throughout our conversation, you’ll hear about Josh’s journey into the wellness world, the moment he realized he should shine on him the same bright light he was shining on others, and the moment he could clearly hear a voice in his head saying: Keep going. You’ll also hear Josh’s thoughts on the process of uncovering our magic, his “30 thousand feet” approach, and why BEING is the first step to help the organizing around us.
Additionally, you’ll hear about Josh’s life-changing experience fasting for four days in nature, his many “surrender experiments” that worked so well, the 11 ways of being a conscious parent, and so much more. 
Tune in to Episode 176 of Uncover Your Magic to learn more about the uncomplicated and practical side of mindfulness. 
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why we should say “yes” more often (12:10)
  • The moment Trent realized he needed to shine the bright light on him (18:10)
  • Keep going! (22:00)
  • Everything you need to succeed in your life is already inside you (24:10)
  • Josh talks about his full-blown psychedelic experiences in his four-day fasting in nature experience (37:40)
  • A hard pill to swallow: We choose the things that happen to us (42:20)
  • Josh talks about how life-changing breathwork can be (48:40)
  • 11 ways of being a conscious parent (1:02:00)

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Uncover Your Magic

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