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Follow Your Curiosity, It Knows What’s Best For You with Ulrika Sullivan

todaySeptember 19, 2023 1

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    Follow Your Curiosity, It Knows What's Best For You with Ulrika Sullivan #HeliumRadio

What if you stop negotiating your curiosity away? Have you ever thought that what makes you passionate about something is your life force, your quantum self speaking to you? 
In this episode, I’m joined by the extraordinary Ulrika Sullivan to talk about galactic astrology, synchronicity, trusting and surrendering, and the magical moment she traced her curiosity back and reencounter with her true self. Ulrika is a Mom, Wife, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Astrologer, Author of “Wisdom Beyond What You Know,” and Host of the New Light Living Podcast. 
Throughout this episode, you’ll hear Ulrika’s journey from a successful yet empty corporate life to being released from her work, having an identity crisis, and finding the path back to her true self. We also discuss synchronicity and inner alignment, Ulrika’s thoughts on curiosity’s massive potential, and why trusting and surrendering are always the better options. 
Additionally, Ulrika talks about her work with galactic astrology, the staircase of consciousness and vibrations, her channeled book, how to recognize the universe’s messages and much more.
Tune in to Episode 179 of Uncover Your Magic and learn how to see, hear, and understand all the messages your quantum self is sharing with you! 
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Ulrika’s journey and how she found the route back to herself (14:00)
  • Allow yourself to discover who you really are (20:10)
  • How does it feel when inner alignment happens (27:00)
  • Listen to your inner sacred authority (32:20)
  • Ulrika talks about her trusting and surrendering process (36:00)
  • What is the staircase of consciousness (42:20)
  • There are no coincidences (53:00)
  • Follow your curiosity, trust the divine timing (56:30)
  • Ulrika talks about channeling her book (58:30)


  • Book: Ulrika Sullivan – Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition

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Keywords: Galactic Astrology – Trust The Divine Timing – Follow Your Curiosity
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