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Unravel The Path To Your Destiny and The Energy of Love with Janet Namaste

todaySeptember 5, 2023 3

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    Unravel The Path To Your Destiny and The Energy of Love with Janet Namaste #HeliumRadio

Have you had the strange yet unavoidable feeling you already knew someone before meeting them for the first time? Sometimes, meeting someone new feels more like a remembrance than a new chapter in our lives. 
In today’s episode, I celebrate a connection that feels like home; I’m joined by Janet Namaste to talk about past life regression, healing, frequency, colors’ vibration, and parenting. Janet is a Channeler, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, IET practitioner and a Reiki Master, Host of Janet Namaste The Podcast, and Co-host of the Raw Real Talks podcast. The daughter of immigrant parents who came to America from Soviet Russia in the 70s and raised in a family of hard scientists, Janet discovered her gifts early, encouraged by her German grandpa, who taught her to embrace and show the world her authentic self.  
Throughout this episode, you’ll discover Janet’s extraordinary backstory, her awakening as an intuitive healer, and how her family, mostly made of hard scientists, reacted to her extrasensory abilities. Janet also talks about past life regressions, the extraordinary connection with her husband and daughters, and the moment she realized she could use her gifts for good.
Janet also shared her thoughts on new generations’ sensitivity, relying on the truth as a universal healer, her parenting style, and more. 
Tune in to Episode 177 of Uncover Your Magic and discover more about past life regressions and the soul signature that connects you with the people in your life.
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What our girls going back to school generated in us (12:30)
  • A bit about Janet’s family and upbringing (19:50)
  • What being exposed to a multicultural household produced in Janet (24:40)
  • Janet’s first intuitive healing experience (32:00)
  • The moment Janet realized she could use her gifts to create good (39:40)
  • About Janet’s first experiences with past life regressions (47:30)
  • Janet talks about regressions, rebirth, and past lives (59:30)
  • Why are kids labeled as super sensitive? (1:12:00)
  • A bit about Janet’s parenting style (1:19:20)

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Keywords: Past Life Regression – Soul Signature – The Energy of Love 
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