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The Podcast Movement Conference And Going Forward

todayMarch 15, 2018 34

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As it turns out, we’re a little late in reporting about the 2017 Podcast Movement Conference. Therefore, we’re going to cover what it is and what we all missed. We were not in attendance, but it’s still very relevant in our industry and very much worth covering.

The Podcast Movement Conference

Travel back with us to September 2017. (Yeah, it’s been a while for us too. We have so much going on, we don’t know what we did last week. But it got us to this week!). Anaheim, California was the meeting place for almost 2,000 people who love podcasting with their heart and soul. Eighteen hundred people listened to an additional 120 people speak. It’s well known around the industry as being created “for podcasters, by podcasters, and focuses on collaboration and networking among attendees.” — Source: Forbes
Diversity was served up big time. One of the underlying themes was to promote and spread diversity for not only the event but the industry. It was interesting for us to learn that the world of podcasting is primarily driven by straight, white men. Our listener base of 4,000,000 annual listeners is primarily middle-aged married women between the ages of 25 and 55 who have a median household income of $100,000 or more. At Podcast Movement, they wanted to promote “gender, race, sexual orientation, and nationality.”

Our Take On The Future Of Podcasting

In an effort to bring value to our readers, we want to provide our thoughts on both the conference and the industry moving forward.
One of the main speakers was a man named Rob Walch. Walch is the Vice President of podcaster relations for Libsyn. Walch said he feels that an Android app will be the “wave of the future” rather than smart speakers. Here’s why he said Android rules all:

“While the Apple iPhone only has 14% of market share (compared to Android’s 84%), 81% of all podcast consumption comes through Apple Podcasts and iTunes. Only about 5% of podcast consumption comes through Android apps.”

It’s hard to believe, but we believe it. We might have to consult Neilsen for some hard evidence, but it is about quality, not quantity. Personally, our entire team agrees and disagrees with Walch’s thought process. Just having one Android app as powerful as Apple’s Podcasts app would indeed create a spike in the industry. We don’t feel it would maintain at that level. They say “torque is what gets you there, horsepower is what keeps you there” (in the quarter mile).

The Android app would be the torque propelling the industry forward. However, it wouldn’t be enough to keep the industry moving strong. We feel the “horsepower” would come from the variety of technological advances. The sum of everything would be the means to reaching new levels of downloads, growing audiences and increasing the number of podcasts altogether.

Truthfully, time (and technology) will tell. We are eager to see where the pioneers come from and what their ideas are that will veer the industry into a new, more positive direction.
Thank you for your attention!

Written by: #HeliumRadio

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